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Terms of the Exhibition

General Terms and Conditions of Exhibition and Sponsoring


1. Terms of registration

To apply, the online registration form for Exhibition and Sponsoring has to be filled out with legally binding effect. By submission of the online registration form, the Exhibitor/Sponsor accepts the general terms and conditions.

2. Breakout room

For the Exhibition Sponsoring and the Exhibition Sponsoring Plus, the general concept of the breakout room needs to be announced to the organizer by October 22nd, 2022 via e-Mail. The Exhibition Sponsors are solely responsible for the supervision and content of its breakout room. Should the organizer notice that the content planned infringes the rights of other parties, it will contact the Exhibition Sponsor for revision of the content. Simultaneous translation is not available in the breakout rooms.

3. Ad Sponsoring/ Exhibition Sponsoring Plus

For the Ad Sponsoring/Exhibition Sponsoring Plus, a 10 minutes slot for company/advertisement video during one of the coffee breaks will be arranged. Slot time and day will be arranged on a first come first serve basis. Since the organizer will take care of showing the video during arranged time and day, the Ad Sponsor/Exhibition Sponsor Plus needs to upload the company/advertisement video by 22nd of October, 2022 as mpg4 file to the link which will be shared separately. The Ad Sponsor/ Exhibition Sponsor Plus is solely responsible for the content of the video. Should the organizer notice, that the content infringes the rights of other parties, it will contact the Ad Sponsor/ Exhibition Sponsor Plus for revision of the content.

4. Liquidation of contract

Registered companies, which have received a written confirmation, can withdraw from the contract free of charge until October 15th. After this date, the exhibitor/sponsor owes 35% of the total costs, independent from a proof of loss from the organizer. After November 1st, the exhibitor/sponsor owes the total costs, independent from a proof of loss from the organizer.

5. Terms of payment

The exhibitor/ sponsor is obligated to pay the total amount within 14 days after date of invoice. The organizer is authorised to cancel the contract, if the total amount has not or only partly been paid within the deadline. If payment is transferred from abroad, the payer shall bear all applicable charges.


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