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November, 18th - 19th, 2021


Terms of the Exhibition

General Terms and Conditions of the Exhibition

1. Terms of registration
To apply for participation at the exhibition, a registration form has to be sent to the organizer of the event. This form has to be filled out and signed with legally binding effect. With the signed exhibition form the exhibitor accepts the general terms and conditions of the exhibition.

2. Rent of exhibition space
The exhibitor receives a confirmation after acceptance of his registration. The exact distribution of the exhibition space will be done by the organizer at a later date and based on the incoming order of the registration forms. The assigned booth has to be adapted to the local construction regulations in front, depth and heights. For assigning exhibiting rights to a third party, a written authorisation from the organizer is necessary.

3. Exhibition goods / Booth layout
The booth layout and all exhibition goods have to be announced to the organizer after a confirmation for the exhibition. Admissions given at previous events do not automatically guarantee admission for this event. The organizer is authorised to cancel the admission, if it has been given due to wrong data or if the admission requirements are not fulfilled.

4. Supervision of the exhibition space
The exhibition place is not supervised by the organizer. The organizer is not to be held liable for theft or personal and material damage.

5. Liquidation of contract
Registered companies, which have received a written confirmation, can withdraw from the contract free of charge until October 14th. After this date, the exhibitor owes 35% of the total stand rent, independent from a proof of loss from the organizer. After November 1st, the exhibitor owes the total amount of the stand rent, independent from a proof of loss from the organizer.

If the organizer decides to hold the event as a digital event in connection with the coronavirus pandemic and associated official or statutory bans or restrictions, to protect the health of employees, participants, exhibitors or other event participants, it shall inform the exhibitors of this without delay and cancel the exhibition registrations free of charge. If the exhibitor has already paid the exhibition fee, the organizer will refund this fee. The organizer is also entitled to the above right if the legal or official requirements in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, which are linked to the implementation of the event, involve disproportionate effort or are incompatible with the character of the event. In this case, the above shall apply. The exhibitor shall not be entitled to any claims for expenses or damages as a result of exercising his special right of termination or holding the event as a digital event instead of a face-to-face event.

6. Liability or insurance
The organizer is not to be held liable for any damage, loss, etc. of the exhibitor’s own or rented goods or injuries of persons caused during the exhibition, assembling and disassembling of the booth or during transportation to or from the exhibition grounds, not even if these damages or losses are not caused by the exhibitor or their assistants. Therefore, it is recommended to take out insurance for the insurable risks such as fire, theft, water and weather damages, damages, etc., including the risk of transportation of exhibition goods. The exhibitor shall be liable for any damage done to the building and/or the furniture. It is not allowed to drill or nail into walls, ceilings or floors.

7. Terms of payment
The exhibitor is obligated to pay the total amount of the rent within 14 days after date of invoice. The organizer is authorised to cancel the contract and rent the exhibition space to another company, if the total amount has not or only partly been paid within the deadline. If payment is transferred from abroad, the payer shall bear all applicable charges.

8. Disposal
Waste disposal is not included in the stand fee.


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