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November 17th - 18th, 2022




All manuscripts of the 12th Aachen Colloquium China can be downloaded on this page once the event has started.
The username and password can be found in the information e-mail sent before the start of the digital Colloquium.

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CHERY Plug-In Hybrid System DevelopmentDr. Zhiguang ZhouWuhu ACTECO Powertrain Co., Ltd.Plenary SessionZOOM Room I11/17/2022 09:05 amPresentation not submitted.
Gotion Global - A Leading Chinese Battery Company Towards a Global FuturePeter WillemsenGotion GlobalPlenary SessionZOOM Room I11/17/2022 09:25 am(5.58 MB)
Autonomous Trucks - Vision, Current Status and ChallengesDr. Axel GernTorc Europe GmbHPlenary SessionZOOM Room I11/17/2022 09:45 amPresentation not submitted.
Lowest PN Emissions for Future Heavy Duty Diesel Applications – an Aftertreatment System ApproachDr. Ansgar WilleNGK Europe GmbHEmission ConceptsZOOM Room I11/17/2022 11:00 am(937.83 KB)
Advanced Hardware, Controls and Calibration Solutions to Meet the Upcoming EURO 7 LegislationJian HeFEV ChinaEmission ConceptsZOOM Room I11/17/2022 11:30 am(1.31 MB)
Ultra-Low Emissions from a Truck with Closed-Coupled Emission Control System and Active Thermal Management using e-FuelsPablo Mendoza VillafuerteAECC - Association for Emissions Control by CatalystEmission ConceptsZOOM Room I11/17/2022 12:00 pm(929.27 KB)
SYTECH, REEV Simulation, Installation and Durability testingRichard TambaSYTECH Powertrain Technology CompanyInnovative EnginesZOOM Room I11/17/2022 01:30 pm(4.64 MB)
Development of New 2.0 L I4 Gasoline Direct Injection EngineNobuhiro UshioHonda Motor Co.,Ltd.Innovative EnginesZOOM Room I11/17/2022 02:00 pm(1.89 MB)
Combustion System Development of the Changan FE15 Engine with Greater Than 45% Brake Thermal Efficiency for Hybrid ApplicationsDr. Ben WatersChangan UK R&D Centre LimitedInnovative EnginesZOOM Room I11/17/2022 02:30 pmPresentation not submitted.
Sustainable Thermal Management – Focus on Electric VehiclesDr. Roman HecktHANON Systems Deutschand GmbHThermal ManagementZOOM Room I11/17/2022 03:20 pm(920.95 KB)
Scalable Thermal Management Architecture for Electric Motor with Different Power ClassesZhiwen LiVitesco Automotive Tianjin Co.,LtdThermal ManagementZOOM Room I11/17/2022 03:50 pm(2.89 MB)
Benefits by Exhaust and Coolant Fluid Management in Modern PowertrainsDr. Tian TangSchaeffler Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Thermal ManagementZOOM Room I11/17/2022 04:20 pm(3.26 MB)
Solutions for CO2-free Powertrains Establishing a Green Construction SiteAndreas PlumpeDEUTZ AGSustainable ConceptsZOOM Room I11/18/2022 09:00 am(1.22 MB)
Exploration and Practice of SERES Group for Energy Conservation and Emission ReductionQiang CaoSERES GroupSustainable ConceptsZOOM Room I11/18/2022 09:30 amPresentation not submitted.
E-Jet - An Innovative Sports Device and Lightweight VehicleMohamad DaherInstitute for Automotive Engineering (ika), RWTH Aachen UniversitySustainable ConceptsZOOM Room I11/18/2022 10:00 amPresentation not submitted.
Development of Combustion Process and Operating Strategy for a Low Emission Hydrogen EngineStefan BareissRobert Bosch GmbHH2 Internal Combustion EnginesZOOM Room I11/18/2022 10:50 am(3.35 MB)
Hydrogen and Gasoline Designed as High Thermal Efficiency DHE Using Lean Combustion StrategyShuang YuanGeely Powertrain Research InstituteH2 Internal Combustion EnginesZOOM Room I11/18/2022 11:20 am(3.22 MB)
Measures for High Specific Power Output on a HD H2-ICE: A Numerical and Experimental AnalysisAleksandar BobericChair of Thermodynamics of Mobile Energy Conversion Systems (tme), RWTH Aachen UniversityH2 Internal Combustion EnginesZOOM Room I11/18/2022 11:50 am(1.02 MB)
DHT Pro - a Dedicated Hybrid Transmission Designed for Efficiency in Customer UseSimon KlacarGeely Powertrain Research InstituteElectric PowertrainsZOOM Room I11/18/2022 01:20 pm(1.12 MB)
Model Predictive Control Strategy for Cabin Conditioning of BEVPatrick SchutzeichChair of Thermodynamics of Mobile Energy Conversion Systems, RWTH Aachen UniversityElectric PowertrainsZOOM Room I11/18/2022 01:50 pmPresentation not submitted.
ETC - Cost Effective Solution for Hybrid ApplicationsShangdon YangNEVCElectric PowertrainsZOOM Room I11/18/2022 02:20 pm(5.49 MB)
Development and Application of Electric Drive Unit for Hybrid VehicleShuangda ShenJiansu NEV InstituteElectric PowertrainsZOOM Room I11/18/2022 02:50 pm(8.41 MB)
Use of Fleet Data to Define Use Cases for Drive System Development of Robot TaxisMaximilian PietruckInstitute for Automotive Engineering (ika), RWTH Aachen UniversityDigital TwinZOOM Room II11/17/2022 11:00 am(4.39 MB)
Optimizing Efficiency and Range of Electrified Vehicles Using Virtual Vehicle DevelopmentSteven YanIPG AutomotiveDigital TwinZOOM Room II11/17/2022 11:30 am(585.87 KB)
Cloud Based Automotive Data-Driven Approach and Intelligent Test SolutionChen HuangShanghai VehInfo Technologies Co., LtdDigital TwinZOOM Room II11/17/2022 12:00 pm(23.00 KB)
Value Chain Wars – How to win in Electric-Vehicle Supply ChainsCheng XieStrategy Engineers GmbH & Co. KGAutomotive StrategyZOOM Room II11/17/2022 01:30 pm(929.62 KB)
Sustainability of Automotive Supply ChainsNina BilicOliver WymanAutomotive StrategyZOOM Room II11/17/2022 02:00 pm(409.88 KB)
The Medium and Heavy Duty Commercial Truck Powertrain Opportunities under China Carbon Neutral TargetMin JiS&P Global MobilityAutomotive StrategyZOOM Room II11/17/2022 02:30 pm(1.79 MB)
Prospective Safety Assessment of Automated Vehicles with the Stochastic Cognitive ModelAlexandra FriesBMW AGAutomated DrivingZOOM Room II11/17/2022 03:20 pm(451.76 KB)
Selection of Test Cases for the Verification of Automated VehiclesLennart VaterInstitute for Automotive Engineering (ika), RWTH Aachen UniversityAutomated DrivingZOOM Room II11/17/2022 03:50 pm(2.29 MB)
Vehicle-Road-Cloud Integrated Automated Driving - The best approach of Intelligent TransportationHongbo ZhanMOGOAutomated DrivingZOOM Room II11/17/2022 04:20 pm(142.44 KB)
Fuel Cell Propulsion Systems for Light Commercial Vehicle ApplicationThomas JohnenSTELLANTIS / OPEL AUTOMOBILE GmbHFuel Cell TechnologiesZOOM Room II11/18/2022 09:00 am(1.27 MB)
Synthetic Fuels and Dual-Fuel RCCI: A Pathway Towards Carbon Neutrality in the Road Transport SectorDanmin XingSunrise Power Co., LtdFuel Cell TechnologiesZOOM Room II11/18/2022 09:30 am(7.17 MB)
Fuel Cells – a Powertrain Solution for Emission Free Non-Road Mobile MachineryMarkus JesserFEV Europe GmbHFuel Cell TechnologiesZOOM Room II11/18/2022 10:00 am(1.99 MB)
Thermal Integration of High-Speed Electric Machines in Next Generation EDUsChristian Monissen Teaching and Research Area Mechatronics in Mobile Propulsion (MMP), RWTH Aachen UniversityE-Drive SystemsZOOM Room II11/18/2022 10:50 am(876.76 KB)
Testing the Drive of Tomorrow in the Era of E-MobilitySven SteinwascherGETEC Getriebe Technik GmbHE-Drive SystemsZOOM Room II11/18/2022 11:20 am(1.31 MB)
Hybrid Powertrain Solution by PunchXiaoming WengPunch Powertrain NVE-Drive SystemsZOOM Room II11/18/2022 11:50 am(3.16 MB)
Battery Swap and Super Charge Two – Logistic Paths for the Same GoalPrince DingLinkdata Renewable Energy Ltd.Battery SystemsZOOM Room II11/18/2022 01:20 pm(3.14 MB)
Adaptable Module for High-Performance Niche Volume Battery PacksAlistair FarmanMAHLE Powertrain LimitedBattery SystemsZOOM Room II11/18/2022 01:50 pm(3.16 MB)
Advantages of Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery “SCiB™“ for Heavy Duty Vehicle ApplicationsShanling ZouToshibaBattery SystemsZOOM Room II11/18/2022 02:20 pm(1.54 MB)
Virtual Prediction of Internal Short Circuit in a Pouch Battery Due to Mechanical AbuseZhenyuan GaoDassault Systemes Simulia CorpBattery SystemsZOOM Room II11/18/2022 02:50 pm(1.16 MB)
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